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The main rule concerning our reviewing procedure is “Quality is a must”. In order to ensure the minimal requirements for the articles to be published, we have inserted a strict reviewing process, using the double-blind technique (two reviews per article, anonymus ones). Our  reviewers are experts in the field of public order and national security and they are renowned in academic environments from Romania and other countries. Our internal procedure include multiple steps in order to have a proper evaluation process of every article that is being sent to us.

Phase 1

Articles received by any of the editorial members are initially sent to the editor-in-chief for the primary evaluation (mainly to identify the compatibility with our publication), but other criterias are also included. In this phase we also analyse if the article meets the form requirements, including the ones linked to the language used (at this time, an authorised translator is highly suggested in order to ensure a correct english spell and grammar - please note that in the nearest future no article will be accepted without a certification from an authorised person).

Phase 2

The editor-in-chief decides the two rewiewers to evaluate each article and sends them, via e-mail, the article to be analised. The reviewers do not know the author's identity, as any identifying information is stripped from the document before review.

Phase 3

The referees each return an evaluation of the work to the editor, noting weaknesses or problems along with suggestions for improvement. There can be four types of recomendations: to unconditionally accept the manuscript, to accept it in the event that its authors improve it in certain ways, to reject it, but encourage revision and invite resubmission and to reject it outright.

Phase 4

The editor evaluates the referees' comments before passing a decision back to the author(s), usually with the referees' comments. The names of the referees remain unknown to the authors.

A decision regarding the publication of the final shape of the article is taken by the editor, after the eventual changes are made.

European Journal of Public Order and National Security- Peer Review Procedure