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How to

In order to submit an article for evaluation, please feel free to send it (the .docx template) at the adress: submission@pons-journal.eu, together with the Submission form and the Declaration of Authenticity. This is the only valid address for submitting an article! After we will receive the article, a confirmation mail will be sent back to you, letting you know that it has been submitted for review, but only if it respects the prerequisites presented on this page. Furthermore, you will receive an answer related to the conclusions of our experts in approx. 2 weeks.

In order to have your article in accordance to our demands (related to its shape), you will have to send us all the documents posted on this page. Failing to do so will implicate rejection of the article. Please read our documents from Policies section to be sure you have fully understood how we work.


-we will only evaluate the article sent in proper time (10 days before deadline). As follows, the articles must be sent no later than 18th of March, 18th of June, 18th of September and 18th of December. Sending an article after those dates or to another address will automatically disqualify that article for publication within our current issue. We will not accept articles without the “Declaration of Authenticity”.

-in order to ensure the quality of our publication, we only allow a limited number of articles per issue (depending on the total number of pages, the maxim number of articles can be increased to 10). If your article has been received after completing the maximum number of articles, you will be informed in what issue will it be proposed for publication. You are required to submit the article using our templates. Please ensure you have used Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016 for editing the article.

-Each person is allowed a maximum of 1 article per issue as first author. One article can have maximum of 3 (three) coauthors -recommended. However, should the contribution of each author be underlined, the maximum number shall not apply.

-we only accept articles in English, with a scanned proof of translation from an authorised translator.


-we evaluate the articles based on their content. We cannot agree to publish article that lack originality, are not being actual and have no scientific content. By submitting the article for evaluation, you fully accept our terms.


All articles are subject to an evaluation/publication fee. Following the acceptance of the article, you will be contacted by one of our editors and will be given the details linked to the payment for evaluation/publication. Please note that the publishing fees for 2016 are as follows:

-80 Euro/article (375 RON) for regular publishers;

-55 Euro/article (260 RON) for Academics from  Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy, National Intelligence Academy, National Defence University and other military institutions from Romania and EU Member States;

-35 Euro/article (165 RON) for active members of European Association of Scientific Research;

-15 Euro/article (70 RON) for students.

Following the decision of the Editor-in-chief, discounts/waivers may be applied for every publisher.

The account will be provided following a successful valuation. The proof of payment must be sent to payment@pons-journal.eu.